You're Losing Money on Your In-House IT "Solution"

Reasons you should use in-house IT Support:

  1. Your business is ridiculously profitable and you can spend the money to pay an amazing, jack-of-all-trades employee a great salary.

Since most small businesses don’t fall into this category, we don’t suggest using your own, in-house IT as a great solution.


We see it all the time: small or medium sized- businesses can’t decide if they want to spend the money on outsourcing IT or using an in-house team. Most of them default to an in-house solution to “save money.”


“When we grow to more employees we will outsource our IT”

“If Bob, the sales manager who is great at IT, ever quits we’ll outsource our IT”

“If we ever have a major problem we can’t solve, then we’ll outsource our IT”


What if we told you that you’re not only risking data security by this approach, but you’re also burning out your employees and losing money?


Reasons you should outsource your IT:


1. Cost

Any business owner knows that the measure of cost goes far beyond what you currently pay. There are costs involved when you pull someone aside for a meeting, there are costs that come with learning new processes, and there are costs that come with trying to cut corners and not realizing how you might pay for that later.

Since we would all agree there are hidden costs of bad management, we should all agree that there are costs involved with bad IT management as well.

  -The cost of losing it all.

    • This is something most businesses couldn’t begin to measure in monetary terms. Could you even imagine losing data, important files, or the structure of your network? Probably not! It would be detrimental to your business. On top of the initial devastation, you would then have to hire an IT company to help you rebuild or recover what they could. This type of emergency service could price your business out of success.

  -The cost of paying a full-time IT technician

    • Have you ever hired an employee who is crucial at times but spends half the week just waiting on something to come up? That isn’t a very lucrative investment.

2. Time

If your team manager, Bob, is great at his own job in marketing, but also has some great IT experience, you might be tempted to rely on Bob to deal with emergencies or random user questions in place of an IT team. This isn’t a good idea. Not only are you distracting Bob from his real job thus killing his productivity, but unless you’re paying Bob two salaries, he’s going to burn out. This is a common mistake in small businesses.

The ironic part is that most IT companies, like Merit, have 24/7 helpdesk assistance for technology questions placed by users. If you have a new employee who needs a new workstation, we can handle it. If you need to move offices and make sure everything is hooked up correctly, we can take care of that. Don’t make Bob, or anyone else, spend time and energy on something you could easily outsource.

3. Expertise

When you rely on a team of highly skilled IT professionals who are motivated to keep you happy you’re going to receive service that can’t be beat (at least with Merit you do). Technology is ever-changing and an off-site team of people who can call someone for backup, are always learning new skills and the latest IT software are going to be more valuable than someone on your team who only responds to what you need. If your company sees a change or a problem for the first time, your on-site IT team may not have access to the knowledge and equipment needed. Even better, when you use Merit’s team, we prevent emergencies with our constant monitoring & automatic updates. This removes the “emergency” factor from you issues before you have to make a split second decision in crisis mode.


With these reasons and more, it is time to consider getting a quote from a third-party team of IT professionals. Outsourcing IT is something that has been on the rise for years. The health industry is even suggesting it, with over 73 percent of health related organizations moving in that direction this year alone.


If you are curious about how an off-site Managed Service Provider could service your business, regardless of how large or small, we’d love to provide a free consultation. We will send a professional to you, assess what you may or may not need from us, and discuss the best option to move forward.

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