Troubleshooting: Server hung on "Preparing to Configure Windows"


Every IT Technician dreads rebooting an older server. During the last Microsoft patch cycle I ran in to a server

freezing during the patch install. Although this is rare, it is never a good situation, especially when

working remotely. I was patching a Server 2008 box when I ran in to a major issue. The updates

downloaded and installed correctly, but when I rebooted the server it seemed to hang on “Preparing to

configure Windows. Do not Turn off your computer…”. The last thing you would want to do is shut off

the server, but since I was working remotely this was not even an option. Thankfully after a brief search I

stumbled across the below site. The suggestions worked perfectly. Not only did the server finally shut

down, but my patches still installed! It seemed to be an issue with the Windows Modules Installer

Service not completely shutting down, so the server was never able to reboot. This WordPress site linked

actually has other great blogs on troubleshooting as well. If you need assistance going through how to take care of this, don’t hesitate to give us a call!