Merit Technologies was chosen by our organization for their personalized service and knowledge! They first met with us and took the time to understand our current needs and issues we were having then they learned what our long range plans were and designed a plan that would help us run our business with the growth built into the plan design. Having a relationship built for the long term has allowed us to not place a band-aid on our network/IT computer structure. It has saved us money by mapping out the right system to leap frog us into our future at today’s costs. More importantly, our system works day in and day out and we can run our business! The value of that is what we were after. Thank you Merit Technologies for your integrity to take care of us up front the first time- too many companies in this industry either don’t have the knowledge to truly help their clients or they lack the integrity, so their service is constantly draining money out that will never solve the bigger picture issues with a network.

October 20, 2015 by Kacie Reed 0 comments

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