3 Things You Need to Consider With Your IT Budget

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Technology Budget.

By now, your fiscal year for 2018 may have already started. However, it is not too late to change the game on your technology budget. Consider the three things below before putting the seal on your 2018 budget.


Outsourcing your technology spend to a Managed IT company, such as Merit Technologies, can help control cost of managing a full IT staff. For a flat, predictable fee, we take care of reporting metrics, team management, and customer success. The benefit to this approach is apparent, as it ends up saving much more money that it costs to manage a full IT team. If you don't have an IT Manager who knows how to track true productivity, this can be especially beneficial.

True Cost of Insourcing

Consider for a moment that you do hire a single, one-man-show IT guy. If you are a small business owner, chances are you value your time. Managing someone who has a specialty that fits outside of your wheelhouse is not only time consuming, but almost twice as costly. Let's say a college graduate with no certifications costs $35,000/year (not including taxes and benefits, which would take it closer to $50k). It typically takes up to 6 months before a new employee starts actually adding value to your company. This becomes more and more expensive to you, as your money and time spend will start to increase as time goes on. With Merit's consultative approach, you start getting back your investment immediately. We have a team of dedicated technical advisors, virtual CIOs, and consultants with your business in mind, often at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

The Team Approach

The Team assigned to your account is truly dedicated to providing a diverse set of skills and qualifications to help your business accomplish its goals. From Level 1 Helpdesk Engineers all the way to vCIOs, our crew has complimentary backgrounds to contribute a unique IT perspective. That, and our customer service is second to none. Our high 90% retention rate speaks volumes to this. We believe that teamwork is essential to what we do.

Consider changing things up. We would love to help you today!

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