UBEE Modems block port 53

UBEE Modems block port 53.

In replacing a failing modem a local ISP put in a Ubee modem. After the replacement the ping was at

high speeds and seemed to be working properly. Unfortunately, we discovered quickly that there was an

issue. The client has a Fortigate firewall and every time a user would attempt to browse to a webpage

they would get this error message, “Web Page blocked. Web Filter Service Error: no correct fortiguard

information found.” After testing, we realized this is caused because Fortinet by default uses port 53 as the web traffic

filter. Ubee blocks port 53 by default. In order to resolve this you have to log on to the Fortimanager and

under Fortiguard, web filter, there is an option to change the port to 8888. Once we changed the port

the web browsing was instantly restored.

November 04, 2014 by Lauren Winstead Category: General IT 0 comments

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