Apple Having Issues with Office 365?

So I spent all day trying to figure this out–at 8:30AM my Outlook stopped updating completely. I was able to get into the Office 365 Portal and access my email, so nothing was wrong with my account. Very frustrated, I began to look around for solutions. Our MSP Director suggested a full uninstall of Office–Who has time for that when productivity is king in the world of IT??? After taking the entire...

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API Security

  API Security Have you ever questioned your API security? Many businesses do, but they don’t take action.   API stands for application-programming interface. It is basically the force behind all web-based tools or software. When a large, well-known company makes their API public they are allowing other software developers to use it and design their own products powered by it’s service....

April 11, 2016 by Kacie Reed 0 Comments Tags: API, Security, Software
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Do I Need an IT Company?

Let’s talk IT management. Is your “Do It Yourself” attitude really working for your business? Most businesses will fail if their data is lost right now. To be operating without an IT disaster recovery plan is like living with a sickness and not knowing what its like to live a healthy life. Based on what our technicians have seen, most businesses could operate more efficiently, with better...

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