Two-Factor Authentication

Many people don’t know about Two-Factor Authentication (or two-step authentication), but are using it daily. Two-factor authentication means that you have two sets of identification that verify a user’s identity. Basically, the information requested is for two things that only the user should know, and this information authenticates that the user IS the person they claim to be. For example, several leading...

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Password Management 101

I know you’re excited when you hear the words “Create a New Password”, right? In IT, we hear a LOT about the struggle to track different sites and applications that need a username and password. So what are the best practices to ensure that when created, the username and password are both effective and memorable? First, these are the basic points that we recommend when creating your password: Do not reuse or...

May 23, 2017 by James Edwards 0 Comments Tags: IT Security, Password
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I Have Computer Security Software, So Why Should I Worry About Public Wi-Fi?

There’s a common misunderstanding about how Wi-Fi relates to your computer’s security. Wi-Fi is basically the access road to the internet. Once data is released into Wi-Fi, the security of your computer can no longer protect that data. There are secured Wi-Fi channels, which means that you must enter a password to connect, and then there are public Wi-Fi channels which are open to anyone to use. I’m explaining...

May 16, 2017 by James Edwards 0 Comments Tags: IT Security, wifi
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The Basics of Computer Viruses

One of our engineers, Charlie, created a slide deck to clearly present the basics of computer viruses. This is the perfect explanation if you don’t know where to start but want to understand what technicians are talking about when they talk about viruses!   [slideshare id=62305734&doc=computervirusesblog-160523144521] Thanks, Charlie!

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