Passwords for Google Apps

Changing a password for a user in the Google Apps control panel is not entirely straightforward if the user has Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with Google Apps Sync as their mail client.  The password cannot simply be changed in the “Account Settings” in Outlook.  The process takes a few steps:

  1. As the administrator, change the user’s password in the Google Apps control panel.
  2. Have the user close Outlook if it running and then open the Google Apps Sync application from the Start Menu and select “Delete saved Google Apps Sync passwords”.
  3. Delete the password for the correct mail account.
  4. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on the File menu and then click on “Work Offline” (which will have a check mark next to it).  This will cause Outlook to go back online.
  5. Click on “Send/Receive” and the user will be prompted to enter the new password.
February 23, 2013 by meritadmin Category: IT Security 0 comments

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