Internet Explorer crashes on Startup

This week I was troubleshooting an issue with Internet Explorer. Every time the user opened Internet

explorer it would immediately crash stating “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. Like many

websites, this website could only be ran in Internet Explorer. I ran through the following steps to no

avail: Installed IE updates, installed windows updates, set IE back to factory defaults, cleared IE data,

scanned for viruses, scanned for malware, installed an older version of IE, booted IE in safe mode, and

ran a system restore. At this point I thought I had done every possible thing to get it working. Then

I found the below article. It seems that the resolution was as easy as unchecking a box within the

advanced settings of IE. The following steps will show you the resolution.

1. Open control panel

2. Open Internet Options

3. Select the Advanced Tab

4. Check the box that states “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”

Hopefully this saves someone some time!!


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July 02, 2014 by Lauren Winstead Category: General IT 0 comments

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