IE Issues…

IE 10 causing issues. This week I encountered issues with a user not being able to
access invoices to print through hyperlinks in adobe and also not being able to
send clipart through an email.  Her setup
was Windows 7 32 bit with outlook 2007. Going through the basic trouble
shooting I decided to download a secondary browser (Google Chrome) in hopes of
resolving the issue. I soon realized that files were unable to download threw
IE. At first I thought it could be malware blocking downloads. I ran Combo Fix
and Malware Bytes through a USB stick I carry and the results came up clean.
Confused, I began to look through any possible update that could have broken
IE. Upon looking I realized IE10 was recently downloaded. Hearing of possible
issues IE10 I decided to downgrade back to IE9. I accomplished this through
selecting the IE10 update, under installed updates, right clicking and
selecting uninstall. After a reboot we attempted to access the hyperlinks and
clipart once more. This time it worked flawlessly. With any new update there
are flaws to work out; regrettably it seems as if Microsoft has not worked out
all the kinks in IE10 yet

April 09, 2013 by Abe Varughese Category: General IT 0 comments

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