HTTP is the original hyper text transfer protocol which is generally and originally how you would surf web pages. It is an unencrypted plain text way of sending data back and forth. Which means there is a chance for interception since it is sent in plain text. If you are just looking at blogs or newspapers that are public domain then it doesn’t matter if it is intercepted. HTTPS is hyper text transfer protocol secure which is your normal HTTP that is being wrapped in SSL/TLS encryption. You always want to make sure that when sending sensitive data you are using HTTP. For instance, if you have to upload your Social Security number to a site for some type of job application you want to make sure at the least it is using HTTPS. There are much stronger encryption types than SSL, but for the time being that is generally what websites offer the public. Until the majority of the public pushes for websites to offer stronger encryption connections, that is the standard of security.

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