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This week one of my tasks was to develop a script to pull AD credentials into a signature in Outlook and said this signature as the default signature. After completing the script I was contemplating the best

way to push the script out to all the users both remote and on site. A coworker suggested putting the vbscript into a google doc. I uploaded my vbscript as is into my drive on Google. Then by right clicking

and selecting share I was able to change the share permissions to “anyone with the link”. The final step was finding how to directly download this file. When clicking on the file on Google you have to hit

download to begin get the file but after quick research on Google’s help forums I found that any file in Google docs can be directly downloaded by the link by adding the following context before any file:

The download Id is the name of your file in drive as shown in the web browser. Below is an example of how it should look.

With this directly downloadable link it can be called by another script to go out and download by URL.

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