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Disk Usage at 100%

With Windows 8.1 and with Windows 10 I have experienced disk performance issues. I have seen the same issues on computers that we have upgraded to Windows 10. The below list shows the steps that I used in order to finally resolve the issues. These are a mix between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, since I tried multiple Operating Systems, and reloads, while troubleshooting. Obviously your issue could just be that a program is eating up your disk usage. This can be checked in the resource monitor. Mine, however, did not show anything as the culprit in the resource monitor.


Step 1


Disable the services “Superfetch” and “Windows Search”


Step 2


Cut off Windows Defender Active Protection. ONLY do this if you have another suitable antivirus on your computer.


Step 3


Open “File Explorer” It should open a box titled “This PC”

Right Click on “Local Disk (C:)”

Left Click on “Properties”

Deselect “Allow files on this drive……”

Click “Apply”

It will ask questions. Select “Yes to all”.


Step 4 Windows 10 Only


Open up settings

Open up Privacy

Open Feedback and Diagnostics

Change Windows should ask for my feedback to “Never”

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