A simple NIC

This week we needed to install an additional Network Interface Card (a.k.a. NIC) in a desktop for a customer. If you are new to the computer world and have found this blog, a NIC is the device that allows the computer to access the network/internet etc.  Coming back to this particular installation: the reason for the installation is so the customer could be on the other network to print to their printers. So this computer will in actuality be connected to two separate networks! This is on windows 7 with a HP tower and Intellinet PCIe GB network card. The issue arose after installing the card in the tower the computer did not recognize it. We ran the installation disk and it actually uninstalled the built-in network adapter and re-installed it. After further review and investigation, we realized that both of the cards had the same Realtek chip. With the same type of chip  in the NIC, the device would not even show up in device manager as unknown it would simply not recognize it. We replaced the NIC with the Realtek chip with a  NIC that had an Intel chip. We re-installed the new NIC and it was recognized immediately and auto installed. After that we were able to configure the additional card by statically assigning an IP and subnet mask, without a default gateway, to allow access to the conjoined network and install the printer. What would have been a 30 minute process took much longer because of lack of documentation on this issue. Tech guys beware!

May 10, 2013 by Abe Varughese Category: General IT 0 comments

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