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There has been an error floating around that is caused by a Windows Update release in January 2018. It causes blue screens and is fairly fixable. Please see below for steps to perform the fix: 1. You have to run setup.exe from the most recent Windows 10 ISO. I have created a DVD for each…

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Office 2016 Add-on Complication

One of our engineers discusses a recent issue he found with an Office upgrade.   One of our clients recently upgraded to Office 2016. Since this is fairly new to the market, there are always issues with Add-Ons so we pay close attention to these changes. I found an issue with the Adobe Acrobat Add-On…

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Troubleshooting: Windows 10 Crashing

  Anyone having issues with Windows 10 upgrade? Are you getting a blue screen? Reboot not working? Here is what one of our engineers found and the solution to your problem. I was working on a Dell laptop and at the request of the client upgraded it to Windows 10.  Everything was normal throughout the…

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