Help Desk

Why is our help desk beneficial to you?

How does it work?

Our Help Desk software management system, linked directly to your business is an RMM (remote management monitoring). It is a non–reactionary, proactive system, available to assist your IT team and deliver full maintenance & management for all your IT service issues, providing: smart monitor HP, memory, power/voltage, space, third party updates & windows/patch management-auto managed. This is available for all Windows, Microsoft, Mac, Lynx, MDM iOS/Android devices.

This will provide your IT team with software development as well as inventory assessment & management. Our help desk software provides and ensures that you receive & install maintenance and protection updates at judicious and timely intervals.


Our “trouble ticket” system will activate a remote ability to see the problem, providing a consistent & predictable solution over the phone (with conference calls if necessary) ensuring that the problem doesn’t persist. In essence you are guaranteed instant access to any IT resources or services you may need!

Why do you need Help Desk?

Without Having to employ multiple contractors, Merit will supply:

  • Improved internal IT service.
  • Instant access to needed resources
  • Insightful & dependable coverage for remote offices & employees.
  • Intelligent reduction of complexity
  • Integrated service from a single vendor, saving you money!


Merit Technologies Help Desk Service also provides:

  • Web-based Access Portal which will enable your employees to submit, analyze and track service requests
  • World-class software your IT staff can employ to manage and resolve all your service issues
  • Flexibility to automatically or manually relay your requests to an outside IT service provider, limited as you define your worksite rules & priorities
  • Workflow Engine-Automation with a powerful ability to speed service, eliminate unnecessary redundancy and intensify accountability
  • Complete service-activity reports



In the 21st century, the lifeblood of your business is your IT system. Don't be a Lone Ranger! Your entire business can live or die based on the efficacy of e-mail, telecommunications, client, and service or product databases.


Every minute of every day, your company is dependent upon a well-oiled, efficient desktop software and network servers.


Merit Technologies Help Desk is a unique, unlimited service which provides a myriad of managed, coordination for workflow between your internal and your external IT support, ensuring that your protection and services aren't missing any vital pieces!


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