Regardless of which office suite tool you use, we're here to help you.

Office 365 or Google Apps?

Choosing which office productivity suite to use is a golden question for every business. When comparing them, make sure and keep in mind how your team will grow over the next few years. To start with one and migrate over to another, cheaper, productivity suite with a large team could be a nightmare for your employees. If your entire team is already productive and familiar with one, make sure to keep that in mind. Teaching a team of employees to use an entire productivity suite could be a tough process. When looking for the right fit, make sure and compare the applications. Make sure you're going to get the applications you need, not a list of unnecessary tools you'll never touch. Consider other factors, like cost and growth, storage adn files, sharing and collaboration, and general ease-of-use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cloud Service Should I Use?

This is a question every business has and every answer is different. Depending on how many users you will have, the growth plan of your company, your familiarity, and other factors, the answer could vary for you. 

What Roles Does Merit Play In This?

Merit Technologies certified Microsoft Partner, meaning we have the training and certification to purchase, install, and train you on Microsoft. Our engineers are also seasoned Google Apps for Business users and have provided support to both systems for several clients. Regardless of which solution is better for you, we are here to help you decide based on your growth plan and other factors. We also help with the migration, support, testing, training, and more. We'll stick around for continuous support as you learn to use your new cloud software tool.

What is the Cost?

Cost is something that is truly specific to individual businesses. There are so many factors that play into the price of migrating over to a new software suite, as well as the subscription needed to run on that suite. If you don't feel like you're getting a good deal with what you have, feel free to reach out to us to ask. We can let you know if there are better options that will grow with your team.