What is Cloud Computing?

Even though the cloud is a new term, the concept has been around a really long time. If you use Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Docs or any number of other such computer services, you have already used applications or data that live in the cloud. However, the cloud is considerably more than just document backups or music/photo-sharing apps. This is where Merit excels; we can enable you to do through the cloud just about anything you now do through your traditional network or server/client environment (and we can teach you the great advantages of doing so).





Need a Cloud?

A Step Above

Merit Technologies is a step above, providing total custom tailored, cloud computing systems, which covers almost any conceivable business need. When we convert a company to cloud computing, we begin by listening. Our initial “discovery phase" begins with listening and learning about all your IT business needs and concerns. Only then do we recommend where the cloud can best help your business.

Of late, companies have been flooded with an unceasing chatter about The Cloud. Many folks have asked: “What is this Cloud thing?” or “Where the heck is this Cloud?" Part of our job here at Merit is to help you understand what your options are, help you get to where you want to be, and manage your cloud along the way.

Google Apps for Work

Professional Email, Online Storage, Shared Calendars, Video Meetings, and more.


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What is Google Apps for Work?
Google Apps for Work is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools, and a software subscription by Google. It includes many popular apps, such as Google Calendar, Docs, Mail, and more. There is no software to download onto your device as Google Apps are all cloud-based. 
Our team of engineers work alongside your business to buy the licenses on your behalf, plan for what you need, migrate your users to Google Apps for Work, test it for you, train your staff for how to use it, and manage it. Basically, you can sit back and relax if you'd like to use us to migrate to Google Apps for Work.

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Microsoft Office 365

Professional Office Tools and Applications — Anywhere you go

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Like Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365 for Business is a cloud-based productivity tool hosted on a cloud. It includes email, sharing capabilities, calendar, meetings, file sharing, video, and more. Merit will handle the migration, planning, training, and management for Office 365.

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