Merit provides cloud backup, archives, disaster recovery & more

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How do we serve our clients?

  • Customized catastrophe planning
  • Software updating and monitoring
  • Archiving of e-mail
  • Offsite cloud backup

When large or significant portions of data are totally irretrievable, it can be a business killing catastrophe. Unfortunately automatic backups can fail.

Hard drives do indeed die.

 What is the solution?

We are much more than just a backup system provider! Merit Technologies is a total IT planning, solutions & data security company!

Merit provides your company with a complete array of IT services and invaluable technical support. Our goal is to keep your business moving along a bump free highway, ready for any contingency. In the early discovery phase our support team, will listen to you and learn exactly how to best provide for your IT business needs. By so doing, we can prevent most disasters before they occur. But, in the event of a disaster, we will be prepared with a targeted plan, so we can rush in to get you back online and back to work ASAP!


Merit Technologies Provides

Worry Free Backup

When transferring data, we use 128-bit encryption and save your vital information safely within cloud storage. Merit routinely & spontaneously backs up all your new and changed files within 2 hours. This provides you with a data recovery plan & solution, second to none!

Custom recovery for any size company

The protection of your data lies in redundancy. Our off site, as well as cloud storage of your vital data is the key to our promise: that Merit will be able to recover virtually all your files (even the most recent). By so doing, we are able to save days (even weeks) of down time by not having to totally reconstruct and reinstall your key databases and applications. In the event of a complete catastrophe, we can get you up and running in fewer than 48 hours & often much less!

Improved efficiency

Say good riddance to spam and welcome to greater productivity from your team! Merit also provides email archiving and constant online email access, in case of a hardware failure. This one service, in itself is a priceless tool to keep your team in touch and able to work.

Seamlessly Scheduled Backups

With Merit, backing up your information is a simple a one time installation. The rest is an automated process that does not interfere with the regular use of your devices. Scheduling recurring backups as often as daily is the best practice to ensure the most up to date copy of your information.

Restoration and Recovery

Restore an accidentally deleted email or an entire network of servers. Our Disaster Recovery support works with you to facilitate the smooth restoration of your entire network.

No Limitations

Backup as little as one machine or multiple inter-related networks with hundreds of devices running any kind of operating system in real-time. We support every file type including many outside of the industry standard, and there is no limit on the amount of storage we can provide.

Disaster Recovery FAQ

Why is a Disaster Recovery Plan essential & what is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is crucial & absolutely necessary. It anticipates and prepares for most foreseeable disasters that can attack, disrupt or bring down your essential technical systems. A DRP can prevent many of the most damaging effects, and will have a cogent strategy in place to retrieve the essential data and applications which can be lost through any number of situations, including but not limited to: A. Natural disaster; B. human error; or even C. a simple local power outage.


A Merit Technologies DRP gives an ease of mind and a clear headedness which negates the chaos that usually follows a technical catastrophe. The likelihood of encountering a major disruption of business in a company’s lifetime is dangerously high.  Such preplanning allows policies, procedures and thoughtful technical solutions to be already in place and ready to recover your essential data & applications in a quick and organized way.


What is Most Important Element to have in place when a Disaster does Occur?

The absolute key element for a smart DRP is redundancy!  All your critical company data should be recorded with multiple copies, stored in numerous locations. This will ensure that your business will survive any loss or disruption.

Will tape backups suffice?

No, no, no… tape backups are not nearly adequate for the unique features of your particular business. Your business needs a unique, custom fitted plan. Over time tapes degrade and regular testing to ensure viability can be time consuming & costly. Offsite storage of such physical taped backup is susceptible to damage from fire & flood, etc. as well as theft or loss in transit. And, retrieving data stored on tapes is always an expensive, time consuming process. And… time lost is money lost!

Is there a Better Solution?

Our recommendation: Regularly scheduled, automated, redundant  backups offsite with our reliable host. This requires almost no human interaction, thereby preventing human error and costly overhead.

How is Offsite Storage accomplished and is it really secure? And what about access?

Your offsite data will be stored (backed up) by means of the internet to a protected remote center. The encryption method our provider employs ensures the safe transfer of your data, to and from your office and the storage center. This method of security and redundant storage at multiple locations is vastly superior to any physical security, such as thick walls! Other providers will often do it differently but the Merit Technologies data storage provider cannot directly access any of the data it stores. As a Merit Tech client you will have an encryption key necessary to unlock your vital storage. This is real and tangible security. However this key must be protected!

If a disaster occurs, what sort of recovery time are we talking about?

With our top level of security, Merit Technologies’ Disaster Recovery Program will allow us to give you access to a completely working duplicate or your server (including all applications) in 48 hours or less, depending upon the level of the disruptive event. Other systems will often have your business without your data and reinstallation of applications for days or weeks.


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