Anti-Spam Software

Protection & Prevention



With Merit Technologies anti-spam protection software, you no longer need worry about viruses, spam or hostile phishing expeditions & intrusions from outside your network.

Our Anti-Spam Protection will:


  • Eliminate the maintenance & management of onsite hardware & software solutions.
  • Eradicate foreign language spam that has a way of sidestepping standard defenses.
  • Expel or block e-mail-born malware.
  • Erect a secure local e-mail server by eliminating multiple access points.

By preventing virus contamination and spam in outgoing e-mail, Merit's anti-spam software:


  • Protects your company's reputation by catching a virus before it is spread to your customers.
  • Prevents having your IP address unintentionally blacklisted. This can stop vital email from reaching it's destination.
  • Picks up on possible compromising PCs that might leak sensitive business information.

In the event of a power failure, Merit's software will line up and preserve your incoming e-mail so that:


  • Inbound e-mail is not rejected, bounced, or lost if your local server fails.
  • Non-delivery receipts are not sent; therefore problems with local e-mail are totally shielded from outsiders.
  • E-mail resumes, just as soon as the local server is back in operation.



Our software blocks high-volume spam before it reaches you, thereby:


  • Conserving needed bandwidth for its intended use.
  • Counteracting and neutralizing volume based harvesting and denial of service attacks.
  • Circumventing the need for extra hardware upgrades critical to infrastructure- such as hard drives, memory, CPU, etc.