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We are a Managed Service Provider


Merit Technologies keeps you protected. We work hard to keep our customers up & running, providing support & regular maintenance behind the scenes.



Are you tired of trying to save a dollar with a “do it yourself” IT fix that doesn’t seem to be working? Or of waiting and waiting for an IT consultant to return your call for help? Does it try your patience to have your IT support return again and again, just to resolve the same issue? Are you a small company lacking IT support? Do you want to learn more about whether your network is protected and operating safely and effectively? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then Merit Technologies would like to offer our expertise.


We offer a service called Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (RMM).

If you have ever experienced frustrating issues with your machines, your network, or any other aspect of your IT department, then RMM services can offer you a solution. Through RMM, we can  manage your entire network and every machine therein. With our services, find out if you have been “hacked” and have software that is “stealing” information from you and much more.

What We Do

IT Managed Services

We remotely service each machine on your network; including workstations, servers, routers, printers and other network devices without interrupting end-users. Proactive monitoring enables us to arrest and prevent major breakdowns that can occur in a network. This includes automatic updates on your devices.

We're here for you.

We want to assist you with planning, preview and purchase of essential hardware

As a complete IT service provider, we are also certified partners with Microsoft, Dell Computer Premier, Netscreen, and Fortinet.

We excel at every level of hardware procurement and installation with laptops, desktops, workstations, printers, servers, networks and more.

We fast-track your purchase, set up the hardware, and install the software best suited for your needs.

This ensures that you get the best value and fit for your unique business structure.



Do you have an odd problem that needs a unique solution? Tell us about it.