IT Risk Assessments – Why do them?

IT risk assessments are an integral part of the Business Continuity process. Even more than with Business Continuity, risk assessments can help determine vulnerabilities for several different industries. The below industries are among the ones to whom risk assessments are most important:


  • The healthcare industry is riddled with compliance and safety regulations, especially when dealing with private patient information. There are not only privacy issues if/when someone’s information is exposed, but there can be legal consequences behind OCR violations.  Click this link to have a brief intro into what you may need to be HIPAA compliant.


  • Financial regulations such as FINRA and PCI require a high level of change control management. This website will give you a dive into what FINRA may require, and this one is a quick take on what you need to know about PCI compliance.

-Any industry that deals with private information

  • Personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, and anything that may require client authorization before use, can be a slippery slope and should be handled with the utmost care.

Nothing is fool proof if you are “flying blind.” Our recommendation is to use a third party such as Merit Technologies to help you complete your regulatory audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing to make sure you are not opening your company up for an attack.

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