Merit Technologies is improving our toolset!

remote monitoring and maintenance

Merit Technologies is About Making Things Better.


We are changing the way we do Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM).

Soon, Merit Technologies will be using some new tools for our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance service offering. We have selected the premium tools from Kaseya for this service. The reason for our shift is that the tools from Kaseya allow Merit Technologies to have more detailed control over customer endpoint devices, so we can take better care of your network endpoints and ensure the security of your data. These tools also offer much greater capability for us to monitor and maintain Apple and Linux devices over our prior tools.


How does this impact our customers?

We don’t anticipate our customers seeing any difference in the day-to-day operations or performance of their machines. However, the more robust monitoring and patching capabilities will improve the security, availability and stability of all endpoints. The Kaseya suite is fine-tuned to allow Merit Technologies to continue providing the high level of support our customers have come to expect. Plus, it gives us the ability to spot issues more quickly, more securely, and keep things up-to-date on a more consistent basis.


Why move away from the existing system?

To answer this question as directly as possible, our prior system was very good, but, simply put, Kaseya is better. Merit Technologies is always looking for better ways to do things, better ways to support our customers, and better ways to protect your business. We are going from good to great in everything we do. We evaluate our internal solutions and processes constantly; why wouldn’t we change something if it leads to better business outcomes for our customer?


Kaseya is rock solid.

In the Managed Services and IT Support industry, Kaseya is very widely adopted. It also has a massive following and enjoys very active community support. This helps guarantee a high level of accountability and consistency to the software solution, as we deploy to all our endpoints. Kaseya has made it their personal mission to be the best at what they do, much like Merit Technologies.


What will actually change?

As we transition, we will be removing our existing remote control application, and will be able to access computers through Kaseya’s Remote Desktop Connection plugin. We will still be using VIPRE for the endpoint security application, so we will not need to transition your antivirus software. We do not anticipate that any reboots will be required at all. The entire process should be “silent” to our existing user base.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Kaseya and our implementation!