Quiet Hours feature in Windows 10

Getting alerts during a presentation? Quiet Hours may be able to help.

You created the perfect presentation. Everyone will love what you have to say. All of the words were hand crafted to tailor perfectly to your audience. All of the sudden, an embarrassing alert comes up. What do you do? Quiet Hours in Windows 10 may be the answer.

What does Quiet Hours do?

Quiet Hours essentially does what “Do Not Disturb” would do on an Apple computer. When you have your computer plugged into a projector on an Apple device, you can set it to automatically switch to this mode. On a Windows machine, it is a little different because it requires manual input.

How do I use Quiet Hours?

To engage Quiet Hours, you can simply go to your taskbar and click the Notifications button. If the option is not available to you, you may have to expand your selection to open up more options. Simply clicking on the Quiet hours button should get you started, but you may still get certain notifications.

Quiet Hours

What if notifications still appear?

At this point, you may have stepped up a level in your frustration. There is still hope! You should easily right click on Quiet hours, click “go to Settings,” and you will be moved to the following screen:Quiet hours

By moving the “Get notifications from apps and other senders” to the Off setting, you’ve effectively ended your frustrations and can move on with your enlightening presentation.

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Need more information? This article by Windows Central goes into a bit more detail if you are having trouble with quiet hours mode in Windows 10.