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Vulnerabilities Found in Popular Plugin

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QuickTime is a media player developed by Apple and has been been around since the 90’s. Most of you are familiar with this software as it is usually installed alongside iTunes.

Unfortunately, Trend Micro, a global security software company, has discovered two unique vulnerabilities that can put your computer in serious risk and open to attacks if you visit websites that either use the QuickTime plugin on your web browser or download a file that requires QuickTime to open. The US-CERT, part of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a public statement urging anyone using QuickTime for Windows to uninstall the product immediately.

Apple is no longer keeping QuickTime up to date and will not be fixing the vulnerabilities found by Trend Micro. Dodi Glenn, Vice President of cyber security at PC Pitstop warns, “While we have yet to see these vulnerabilities being used in the ‘wild’, our experience tells us that it won’t be long before they are bundled in the majority of exploit kits being sold on the underground marketplace.”

While this decision to immediately discontinue support for QuickTime might seem abrupt, many users noticed the beginning of the end back in 2013 when Apple began winding down support when they stopped offering tools to third-party developers. Apple recently stopped QuickTime browser plug-ins on Windows PCs as well.

At this point we are unsure of future vulnerabilities that continuing to run QuickTime might include. Merit Technologies suggests uninstalling QuickTime from your Windows computer as quickly as possible to avoid any further issues.


To those who would like to uninstall QuickTime from their computer and avoid having your computer exploited just follow the instructions below.

Open up Control Panel and click Uninstall a program under Programs, look down the list of installed programs on your computer until you find QuickTime and click uninstall. Uninstalling QuickTime will also remove the browser plug-in.

iTunes and most modern websites will still be able to play video’s without the necessity of QuickTime installed on your computer and will use your current browser’s video support instead. If you aren't already partnering with Merit Technologies to help you navigate this, do so today!