Salesmanna is easily the most exciting software we have developed. There are very few affordable CRM + Marketing Automation tools on the market. Salesmanna is a simple, intuitive, easy-to-learn, and dynamic software that helps businesses manage sales and analyze marketing campaigns. It has one view for managers of sales associates. This lets managers track the meetings, deadlines, leads, prospects within each salesperson’s portfolio. The second view, for the non-manager users, allows you to create and automate your emails, email marketing campaigns, and analyze the results so that the user can pursue leads for interested customers. Within both views is a calendar, task organizer, data analytics panel, and contacts tab. This is a software that is constantly being updated and refined to fit the needs of our customers.

October 10, 2015Date: 2015Client: MeritWebsite: Category: Branding, Custom, Software, Web UI

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