Office 2016 Add-on Complication

One of our engineers discusses a recent issue he found with an Office upgrade.


One of our clients recently upgraded to Office 2016. Since this is fairly new to the market, there are always issues with Add-Ons so we pay close attention to these changes.

I found an issue with the Adobe Acrobat Add-On (PDFMaker). You could click to enable the Add-On in the options panel, but it would revert back and never show the Add-On in Outlook. After some research I found this helpful tip from Adobe. It seems this is a compatibility issue with Office 2016.

To fix the steps open regedit. You will want to make a backup of the registry before changing anything.

At the top bar click view, click edit, click find, and then type in “GreatestSuppVer”. In every instance that you find, change the decimal value to 16. Notice that it is in Hexadecimal by default, so you will need to hit the decimal toggle and type 16. There were 7-8 of these values as stated in the forum.

After you have changed all of the values open up Outlook.

You should now be able to select the Add-On within the options panel and it will stay.

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