Merit Loves to Partner with Local Nonprofits

Set Free Alliance

Merit Technologies partners with Set Free Alliance as a sponsor, because we believe that making a difference is more than a job. It is a calling. Set Free Alliance has made it their mission to help enslaved children in India, and Merit has partnered with them to help this happen.

A little about Set Free Alliance  

Set Free Alliance is a nonprofit founded in Greenville, SC. Their mission is clear: To bring the love of God to India by freeing children from slavery and equipping them to enter into Indian society. A common question Set Free is asked is Why India? Well, there are more people enslaved in India than in any other country in the world. In India, they operate under a caste system and the “untouchables” are the lowest level of the caste. They are largely the people who are treated as unworthy to be a part of society and thrown into a life of slavery. It’s through Jesus that The Alliance started to bring a life of hope for these kids who have been enslaved.  

Merit Technologies was drawn to helping Set Free because we realized the need and felt motivated to make a difference. Merit officially decided to partner with them a few years back after our CEO, Abe Varughese, attended a fundraising gala for the ministry. We knew this was a ministry after God’s own heart and we couldn’t wait to get involved.   

How does Merit Technologies partner with Set Free?   

Merit supports Set Free by giving to the ministry on a monthly basis. Our monthly support goes to funding their operational costs. This is so important because Set Free Alliance operates on a 100% model, meaning 100% of their donations go straight to India. They are in need of businesses who can help them by supporting their operational costs, so that the 100% is possible. Merit Technologies is so thankful to be able to say we partner with Set Free to bring Christ to India.

Feel Motivated to Join the Alliance?

Contact Set Free Alliance at or visit their website at

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss our experience with this wonderful organization.