What You Need to Know about Meltdown/SPECTRE

You may have seen that there has been a lot of information in news outlets lately regarding the Meltdown and SPECTRE vulnerabilities. To be clear, this could potentially impact every device out there. This sounds like a big deal, because it is. This website includes papers on each of the vulnerabilities, their impact, and the answers to some questions you may have.

What is Merit Technologies doing about this?

Our first course of action has been to push out the most recent patches for (Windows machines especially) workstations and servers as a measure of protection. As a caution, you may notice some slowness as a result. This is a temporary solution that is being fleshed out over time, but the Windows update and OS X supplemental updates help. Your phones and tablets may be vulnerable also, so please make sure those are updated.

What is the ultimate solution?

The ultimate solution in the meantime for PCs is to update your computer to the most recent BIOS version available from the manufacturer. The vulnerabilities in question are not the only ones out there, they are just the ones that are currently heavily publicized based on a planned joint disclosure of reporters. There are potentially other vulnerabilities out there that are less serious, but present nonetheless.

How do I proceed?

The best way forward is to keep your computer fully updated with security patches, Windows updates, and BIOS updates. The best way for your business is the partner with Merit Technologies to remediate any threats you may be up against, and trust us as your technical advisors in the process. We have a staff of experienced technicians ready to serve you however we can.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. We are here to help you solve any IT issues you may be experiencing.