Installing Java 8 to a common path

Installing Java 8 to a common path

Sometimes you will find a need to install Java to a common path. Typically this is because many apps rely on the java jar executable to run and Java installs to a different directory almost every time it updates.  If this is your case, do the following:

1) On the computer you want to install Java, uninstall all current versions of Java.

2) Create a directory on the local system like “C:\Java\jre8”

3) Download the “offline” installer of the latest version of Java considering the architecture of the system on which you are installing (i.e. x64 or x86) and save it to your root “C:\” drive, renaming it to “Java8.exe” (This just makes typing easier).

4) Open an elevated command prompt (right click, “Run as Administrator”) and type the following:

Java8.exe INSTALLDIR=C:\Java\jre8 STATIC=1

5) Check the directory to make sure everything installed properly.

***Note, when Java updates, it will always update to the same directory instead of creating a new one while on version 8. When Java releases Java 9, you will need to perform the same steps above again, creating a jre9 directory.

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