There has been an error floating around that is caused by a Windows Update release in January 2018. It causes blue screens and is fairly fixable.

Please see below for steps to perform the fix:

1. You have to run setup.exe from the most recent Windows 10 ISO. I have created a DVD for each of you which I’ll bring to the office tomorrow. You can also use USB sticks, if desired, just make sure you have the most recent version of Windows 10.

2. Because you have to run the installer from within Windows, you will *have* to get the system booted into Windows which can be tricky if it’s already at an “Inaccessible Boot Device” screen. If you can use System Restore to get into Windows, use it.

3. If there are no Restore Points, or none of the existing Restore Points work, do NOT perform a “System Reset” – all applications will need to be reinstalled if you do that. Perform these steps instead:

a. Get to the Windows Command Prompt from the Advanced Recovery Options and maximize the window.

b. Verify the drive letter on which Windows is installed. I will use drive letter E: for this example but it may well be different (it was H: on my system).

c. Type the following commands to create a scratch directory for patches we’ll be removing:
md E:\Temp
md E:\Temp\Packages

d. Type the following command to list the patches that have been installed on the system (note that there is a space between the \ / characters):
dism /image:E:\ /Get-Packages

e. Start by removing the package named “PACKAGE_FOR_ROLLUPFIX~31BF3856AD364E35~AMD64~~16299.192.1.9” by using the following command:
dism /image:E:\ /Remove-Package /PackageName:PACKAGE_FOR_ROLLUPFIX~31BF3856AD364E35~AMD64~~16299.192.1.9 /ScratchDir:E:\Temp\Packages

f. Reboot the PC. If the PC doesn’t reboot, keep removing packages starting with the most recent first until you can reboot the PC into Windows. It may be wise to just remove all patches installed since December before rebooting. Please note that you can use “Copy” and “Paste” in the command prompt window with the mouse. Select any text you want to copy, press enter, and then right click when the cursor is located in the position where you want to paste what you copied. In other words, copy and paste the first part of the command above (minus the package name) and then copy and paste the name of each patch to be removed.

4. Once you have gotten back into Windows do not reboot until you’ve run the Windows 10 setup program from the installation media.

5. When the Windows 10 setup starts, don’t select the option to “Check for updates”, just proceed with the installation. Be sure to choose the option to perform an upgrade which will preserve all files, applications and settings.

6. The setup program will verify that there is enough disk space and that the PC is ready for the update to be performed, it will ask for confirmation a couple more times but will then proceed with the installation. The entire process will take about an hour, but when completed will have fixed the problem.

7. Be sure to install available updates after the installation has been completed. There will be several.

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