How Safe is Your Data?

Safe Data

How Safe is Your Data?


Let’s talk data breaches.

According to Gemalto,

In the first half of 2015:

  • 888 breaches occured
  • 50% of breaches had records compromised where the number of records was unknown
  • Every second, 16 data records were lost or stolen


62% of breaches were were performed by a malicious outsider.

22% were caused by accidental loss.

The number of breach incidents is on the rise!

data breach


Who is being affected?

Healthcare has the highest number of breaches.

Financial Services come in second place with over 16% of the total breaches.

The Government accounts for over 15% of the total breaches.


According to,Healthcare organizations devote only 14% of their IT budgets to security. The average in other industries is almost 20%, according to CNBC.

The fact that healthcare is a target affects almost all consumers. Not only does the healthcare industry maintain records of every patient they have ever serviced, but think about how much more data a health company has on you than the typical industry.

Security is more important than most small businesses recognize, but it is extremely important if you’re handling records of individuals.

Reach out if you’re not sure what kind of security measures your business needs.