Failover – Why it is so vital to Business Continuity

Failover is reasonably straightforward.

The term failover is mainly used in the case of your Internet connection, but can be anything that is a backup solution in case your primary system goes down. This could be anything from a Cradlepoint 4G LTE backup internet device, to a server at a remote location that spins up when your primary host goes down. Failover is the final component of our Business Continuity framework. Three things we want you to know about failover:

It helps you save $ in down time.

Cost is a major component to down time. If you are 100% dependent on technology to do business, based on the down time cost calculator, you can be down up to $138,168 in a given day. That's right, one day. This number is based on your need to be back up within 24 hours, and only being able to afford losing 24 hours of data. As you can tell, critical down time can be especially costly.

It is vital if you want to continue to work when your first solution fails.

This is an obvious one right? Not to everyone. Think about if you have a standard fiber connection for your main source of Internet. What would happen if you completely lost it? If you don't have a failover connection, you are out of luck. As a result, it behooves technology-dependent businesses to have this in place.

We can help you determine what works for you.

This is not just a sales pitch. Our goal as an IT provider is to integrate with your business, as well as offer the best solution for youAt Merit Technologies, we believe in what we do, and want you to do the same. Any solution we have to offer, we do so because we have used it or have a strong partnership with the vendor. Do not go for long without investing in failover to keep your business running.

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