Do I Need an IT Company?

Let’s talk IT management. Is your “Do It Yourself” attitude really working for your business?

Most businesses will fail if their data is lost right now. To be operating without an IT disaster recovery plan is like living with a sickness and not knowing what its like to live a healthy life. Based on what our technicians have seen, most businesses could operate more efficiently, with better backup, and more securely if they had a better IT infrastructure. These are 3 extremely vital components for a dependable, profitable long-term business plan.

Still aren’t sure if you need to invest in an off-site IT company?

Our goal at Merit is to coach businesses into having more efficient operations. There are 3 prongs to this:
1. Data Security
2. Data Redundancy
3. Data Consistency

of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits

Data Security

Heimdal Security puts it this way:
“Cyber security fact: Oracle Java, Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash is present on 99% of computers. That means that 99% of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits (software vulnerabilities). Why? Because the vulnerabilities that these types of software often present are extremely critical: all it takes is one click on an infected advertising banner to give a hacker full access to your computer.”

Data Redundancy

also known as: Backup. We shouldn’t even need to get into why your business (no matter how small or large) needs sufficient backup strategies that can handle all your data.

  • Backing up to a hard drive that is kept in the same building as your computer: NOT A SUFFICIENT BACKUP
  • Backing up to another folder in your computer: NOT A SUFFICIENT BACKUP
  • Backing up from one cloud account to another (Gmail to Gmail): NOT A SUFFICIENT BACKUP

Data Consistency

Maybe the least considered of these three is data consistency. What do we mean by “consistency?” Example: Employee A is working on a file and updates to reflect the most recent changes, then saves and closes it for Employee B. Employee B opens it and sends it to the client assuming it is the most recent file. This is a tremendous problem for small businesses who aren’t up to date with the right technology. If that file didn’t immediately update in all locations, that client received the wrong file. Consistency can save time, money, and even vital relationships in the long run. Businesses without systems in place to prevent disaster end up spending twice as much money on recovery and bad IT infrastructure than if they had just gotten a realistic assessment to begin with!
We don’t say all of this so you’ll hire us to fix all your problems (but that’s okay too), we truly care that good businesses succeed. IT Management is something that tends to go unnoticed until disaster hits. A solid IT infrastructure is under appreciated until it is needed. We can’t tell you if something will go wrong next month- it might take 5 years for a business to take full advantage of an offsite IT company, but in 5 years how much information will you have saved (and will be lost or damaged) or collected?

Every day your businesses is growing, there is a greater risk in not having an IT management plan in place. Call us today to get set up on an IT plan.