Disk Usage at 100% – Disk Performance Issues

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Disk Usage at 100%

With Windows 8.1 and with Windows 10 I have experienced disk performance issues. I have seen the same issues on computers that we have upgraded to Windows 10. The below list shows the steps that I used in order to finally resolve the issues. These are a mix between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, since I tried multiple Operating Systems, and reloads, while troubleshooting. Obviously your issue could just be that a program is eating up your disk usage. This can be checked in the resource monitor. Mine, however, did not show anything as the culprit in the resource monitor.


Step 1


Disable the services “Superfetch” and “Windows Search”


Step 2


Cut off Windows Defender Active Protection. ONLY do this if you have another suitable antivirus on your computer.


Step 3


Open “File Explorer” It should open a box titled “This PC”

Right Click on “Local Disk (C:)”

Left Click on “Properties”

Deselect “Allow files on this drive……”

Click “Apply”

It will ask questions. Select “Yes to all”.


Step 4 Windows 10 Only


Open up settings

Open up Privacy

Open Feedback and Diagnostics

Change Windows should ask for my feedback to “Never”


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our on-call technicians.