Data Replication – Don’t lose your stuff!


Data Replication - Don't lose your stuff!

Losing important data is one of the scariest and potentially costly things that a business could endure. This can be anything from Quickbooks files, that important spreadsheet you need for the presentation tomorrow, and anything that may have impact on your business functions. Data Replication is an integral part of ensuring you don't lose it all.

Cutting a problem off proactively before it happens is important.  The main idea behind it is making sure you have your information and data in more than one place. Below we describe ways to do that.

On-site archives

On-site archives (redundancy) are a great way to duplicate your data to another machine. Unfortunately, if a disaster were to strike, you would be out of luck; especially if all of your data is only on-site. The most common occurrence of disaster in this case would be brownouts or power surge. This can happen in the mildest of storms, but the effects can be devastating.

Off-site (Cloud) Backups

This method is by far the most reliable way to back up your information. If you have a cloud service like Datto, you will have your information available to you very quickly in the event of a disaster. Merit Technologies is a Datto partner, so you can go straight through us to get your Datto device and cloud service for business continuity.

Physical Backup (external hard drive or tape drive)

Backing up all of your information on an external hard drive or tape drive and transporting them off site is another way to preserve your data. It also lets you have your information in more than one spot, much like cloud storage. The pitfall(s) with this is that it requires human intervention. Someone has to physically remove the drives from your server or computer each day and take them off-site. This can be both inconvenient and unreliable because you are putting all your trust in one or more individuals to do this on a consistent basis.

If you have any serious concerns about the method you are using currently, or need information on how we can help, please contact us! Merit Technologies specializes in backup and disaster recovery, among other technical and service offerings. Don't hesitate to utilize us as a resource for your business.