IT Security

Think Before You Click

I know you’ve probably heard this before: When you’re online, don’t click something unless you know it’s from someone or something that you recognize. But there’s a reason that it’s important to repeat this. Clicking unknown links is STILL one of the most common forms of security breaches. It can lead to everything from compromises…

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Be Careful What Personal Information You Share

Who isn’t excited about some form of technology? Do you love when Apple announces a new product and there are lines wrapped around stores to be the first to buy? Are you amazed when a small child picks up a cell phone and knows exactly what it’s for?  We are a society that LOVES connecting,…

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Tech Talks: How to Protect Your Devices in Seven Easy Steps

Every day, there are thousands of pieces of communication going on around you. From mobile devices to tablets to laptops and more, we’re always communicating. We take pictures, use GPS mapping, send texts, connect with social media, and more. We travel the corners of the Earth and find that our most precious devices always know…

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The Basics of Computer Viruses


One of our engineers, Charlie, created a slide deck to clearly present the basics of computer viruses. This is the perfect explanation if you don’t know where to start but want to understand what technicians are talking about when they talk about viruses!   Thanks, Charlie! Remember to reach out if you have any questions…

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QuickTime for Windows

Tech Talks

Vulnerabilities Found in Popular Plugin QuickTime is a media player developed by Apple and has been been around since the 90’s. Most of you are familiar with this software as it is usually installed alongside iTunes. Unfortunately, Trend Micro, a global security software company, has discovered two unique vulnerabilities that can put your computer in…

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Help Resetting Windows 10 Password

Reset Windows 10 Local Password We like to get practical tips from our engineers on the blog fairly often. Today Adam talks about how to reset a password in Windows 10- a common question. We hope this helps! If you forgot the password for your Microsoft account and you were unable to reset the password…

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API Security


  API Security Have you ever questioned your API security? Many businesses do, but they don’t take action.   API stands for application-programming interface. It is basically the force behind all web-based tools or software. When a large, well-known company makes their API public they are allowing other software developers to use it and design their own…

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How Safe is Your Data?

How Safe is Your Data?   Let’s talk data breaches. According to Gemalto, In the first half of 2015: 888 breaches occured 50% of breaches had records compromised where the number of records was unknown Every second, 16 data records were lost or stolen   62% of breaches were were performed by a malicious outsider.…

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Troubleshooting: Windows 10 Crashing

  Anyone having issues with Windows 10 upgrade? Are you getting a blue screen? Reboot not working? Here is what one of our engineers found and the solution to your problem. I was working on a Dell laptop and at the request of the client upgraded it to Windows 10.  Everything was normal throughout the…

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Having a Plan Could Save Your Business

2015 was anything but boring for South Carolina. We were united after the tragic shooting in Charleston in June. Then there was the devastation of the floods in October, then the excitement of sending one of our top football teams to the National Championship for the first time in 35 years. Businesses have been affected,…

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