Business Continuity – What is Redundancy?

Redundancy is as important of a cog in the wheel of Business Continuity as any. It guarantees that when something happens, interruption of service and software is minimized. Having two or more solutions in place for the below can help keep your business running and free of worry and excess cost in the event of a disaster scenario.

Important Areas to Become Redundant:


  • Having two or more separate sources of internet provide your company with a backup solution in case one of the services fails. In the case of coax internet, there is not a Service Level Agreement connected with the service, so there is not a guaranteed “up time” period if something should happen. With fiber providers, they will typically have a 4 hour window before they start to literally owe you money for down time.


  • Being able to have the same data stored on two or more servers is a tool in the belt of cost savings if and when one of them should go down. Hardware fails on occasion, so be prepared in the event of this happening with 2 servers, or a server and a separate cloud solution.


  • As stated above, if you have your data in more than one location, you have less fear about data loss in the event of a local failure. i.e., Office 365 or Datto (our partners) offer services that are stored in several regions so that you don’t have to worry as much about blackouts or brownouts. If you prefer to stay with on premise storage, it is always good to have an off-site backup.

There are many backup and disaster recovery solutions to help you determine what works best for your company’s redundancy within the Business Continuity plan. Please contact us to find out what works best for you, your business, and your industry.