Backup versus Disaster Recovery – Why a Good Recovery Plan Needs Both

Major disasters like hurricanes and security breaches remind us why having a great IT company is important. It’s not just for the everyday. Our purpose is to protect and secure your most valuable work. Our task is to create a recovery plan that allows you to recover and restore any damage or lost assets as quickly as possible, as well as to protect those files from those who shouldn’t have access. 

The two elements we establish in a solid recovery plan are a Backup system and a Disaster Recovery system. Generally speaking, backup is both a noun and a verb: It’s when you regularly save files or folders, and also the name of those stored files. Disaster Recovery (DR) is established in the event of a major issue like a hurricane or fire destroying your business.  DR is associated with Business Continuity and how to keep running (or how fast can you get back up and running) when a disaster strikes.   

When working with businesses, we learn the services they offer and what is important for day to day business. Do they utilize emails more than phone? How does file sharing impact team function? Do they need access to a CRM system for tracking business leads? Based on the business need, we create the Disaster Recovery and Backup plans.  

The bottom line with creating a Disaster Recovery and Backup plan is this: How imperative is it to be able to recover anything done electronically or physically? If the data is lost, what would you do? Lastly, the system is only as good as the ability to use it. It’s important to practice actual recovery and make sure the plan works before finding out there’s a problem when you need it most. 

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