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3 fundamentals of an IT department

Three fundamentals to look at when you are an IT person, or a department, or a managed service provider. These are as follows: (1) Data Security, (3) Data Redundancy and (3) Data Consistency. Data Security consist of external and internal protection of your data from human and software (malware) intrusion. Data theft, and data destruction,…

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Merit Technologies is improving our toolset!

remote monitoring and maintenance

Merit Technologies is About Making Things Better.   We are changing the way we do Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM). Soon, Merit Technologies will be using some new tools for our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance service offering. We have selected the premium tools from Kaseya for this service. The reason for our shift is that…

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Merit Loves to Partner with Local Nonprofits

Set Free Alliance

Merit Technologies partners with Set Free Alliance as a sponsor, because we believe that making a difference is more than a job. It is a calling. Set Free Alliance has made it their mission to help enslaved children in India, and Merit has partnered with them to help this happen. A little about Set Free…

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Tech Tips for Your Information Technology Success


Your information’s security is incredibly valuable to you and your company. So much that it may cost real dollars if you ignore this fact. To help with keeping your information secure, we have created a few quick tips to help you in your business and technology journey. #1 – Back up your computer   It’s been said before, but…

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Features in the newest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Update

It is becoming increasingly easier to be distracted by technology in the workplace. With cell phones, notifications, email and many other things begging for our attention, it is hard to focus on the important task at hand. The new Windows 10 Update is adding a bunch of new features that will greatly increase your focus…

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Quiet Hours feature in Windows 10

Getting alerts during a presentation? Quiet Hours may be able to help. You created the perfect presentation. Everyone will love what you have to say. All of the words were hand crafted to tailor perfectly to your audience. All of the sudden, an embarrassing alert comes up. What do you do? Quiet Hours in Windows…

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Three Pillars: More Than Just a Concept


Merit Technologies has three core business units we  call “pillars.” These pillars are our primary focus areas, which define what we do as a company. Merit Technologies’ focus areas are important to the growth of our company. They also help us serve our customers incredibly well. Our entire business is based on these three core…

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What You Need to Know About VoIP


VoIP: An exciting acronym right? What does it mean? Voice over IP. It essentially means using your internet connection to transmit phone calls-pretty cool huh? If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, Merit Technologies has partnered up with Net2Phone to offer outstanding VoIP solutions! We are getting the word out about how easy it is…

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