Artificial Intelligence Equals Stronger Defense

What makes us smarter? Is it knowledge? Preparedness? How about a stronger sense of what’s ahead?

With IT security, we’re always trying to outsmart the next generation of potential threats. Be it robotic or man-made, it’s the ability to stay ahead of threats that makes us smarter.

What’s ahead for the next generation of security? It’s the incorporation of machine learning, otherwise known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). In laymen’s terms, AI is about computers learning what operates correctly within the PC or network, and then identifying when something is wrong. As AI becomes more prevalent, it will become our most effective line of defense against zero-day threats.

AI is revolutionary because signature-based antivirus software is reactionary instead of proactive.  With signatures, the virus must be discovered, reverse-engineered, new signature created, then sent to each licensed user as an update. For example, Microsoft is releasing their Windows Advance Threat Protection (ATP) solution that works with the latest Windows 10 upgrade, called Creators Update. This next generation security software is built on AI using 400 million computers to gather data and learn about potential threats.  AI works at stopping attacks like Wanna Cry before they are even discovered. Watchguard, a proven leader in network security, is putting Advanced-Persistent Threat blockers (APT) and sensors to good use. ATP and sensors operate in a similar fashion to Windows ATP for the network and host by adding a layered security approach for additional protection.

In this day of smarter, broader attacks, it will become more common to have AI-based antivirus protection to provide an extra layer of security. Merit Technologies is a partner and provider of both Microsoft and Watchguard AI security products. With these new tools, we have visibility to see threats or anomalies before traditional antivirus picks them up.  It also allows us to stop existing threats and then review the attack to better protect our customers.

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