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Managed IT

Our managed services team is second to none. Our customer retention rate of 90%+ proves it. We work with your company to determine your needs and eliminate IT frustrations.

Net2Phone Hosted VoIP

We believe that our VoIP partners are the best in the country. We can set you up with SIP trunks, hosted VoIP phones, and even conferencing solutions. We are proud to partner with Net2Phone to make this happen for you.

Salesmanna CRM

Our Salesmanna CRM is built with the sales team in mind from top to bottom. With metrics for managers to simplicity for end users, we have thought of everything. Without the fluff, of course.

Our software team also does custom projects to get your business where it wants to be. Contact us for a quote today!

Merit Positions for Growth

Merit Technologies is featured in Greenville Business Magazine! Abe Varughese is featured discussing Merit Technologies' growth and direction. Click the above photo to see more.

How do we take care of our customers?

Our exclusive Quadrant Support System shows how Merit Technologies is diligent in providing excellent care to our customers.

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By Michael Griffin | March 13, 2018

  There has been an error floating around that is caused by a Windows Update release in January 2018. It causes blue screens and is fairly fixable. Please see below for steps to perform the fix: 1. You have to run setup.exe from the most recent Windows 10 ISO. I have created a DVD for…

Safeguard Your Business with Microsoft Office 365

By Michael Griffin | February 28, 2018

Businesses today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats, from data security breaches to downtime from unexpected events. Businesses are asking questions like: ” With growing use of the cloud and mobile devices at work, how can we keep business data protected?” ” As my data grows, how can I make sure it is…

Failover – Why it is so vital to Business Continuity

By Michael Griffin | February 20, 2018

Failover is reasonably straightforward. The term failover is mainly used in the case of your Internet connection, but can be anything that is a backup solution in case your primary system goes down. This could be anything from a Cradlepoint 4G LTE backup internet device, to a server at a remote location that spins up…

Data Replication – Don’t lose your stuff!

By Michael Griffin | February 7, 2018

Data Replication – Don’t lose your stuff! Losing important data is one of the scariest and potentially costly things that a business could endure. This can be anything from Quickbooks files, that important spreadsheet you need for the presentation tomorrow, and anything that may have impact on your business functions. Data Replication is an integral part…

3 Things You Need to Consider With Your IT Budget

By Michael Griffin | January 29, 2018

Technology Budget. By now, your fiscal year for 2018 may have already started. However, it is not too late to change the game on your technology budget. Consider the three things below before putting the seal on your 2018 budget. Outsourcing Outsourcing your technology spend to a Managed IT company, such as Merit Technologies, can…

What You Need to Know about Meltdown/SPECTRE

By Michael Griffin | January 18, 2018

You may have seen that there has been a lot of information in news outlets lately regarding the Meltdown and SPECTRE vulnerabilities. To be clear, this could potentially impact every device out there. This sounds like a big deal, because it is. This website includes papers on each of the vulnerabilities, their impact, and the answers…

IT Risk Assessments – Why do them?

By Michael Griffin | January 3, 2018

IT risk assessments are an integral part of the Business Continuity process. Even more than with Business Continuity, risk assessments can help determine vulnerabilities for several different industries. The below industries are among the ones to whom risk assessments are most important: -Healthcare The healthcare industry is riddled with compliance and safety regulations, especially when…

Business Continuity – What is Redundancy?

By Michael Griffin | December 19, 2017

Redundancy is as important of a cog in the wheel of Business Continuity as any. It guarantees that when something happens, interruption of service and software is minimized. Having two or more solutions in place for the below can help keep your business running and free of worry and excess cost in the event of a…

Business Continuity – What is Disaster Recovery?

By Michael Griffin | December 12, 2017

Disaster Recovery can mean many things to different people. In the technology realm, it is the plan you need to have in place to be prepared for disaster, either human-induced or natural disaster. Disaster recovery is often overlooked for small- to mid-sized business, but the importance is paramount nonetheless. 3 things (at minimum) your Disaster…

5 Important Aspects of Business Continuity

By Michael Griffin | December 4, 2017

Business continuity. Maybe you’ve heard the term recently. What it means in technology is the ability to recover from disaster scenarios with minimal fallout and cost to your IT budget. The following five aspects of this practice will help you determine if you are ready for a disaster scenario.   –Disaster Recovery Plan A disaster…

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